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Hillbrook Primary School - Playground Improvements

'The Human Sundial'



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The Hillbrook School Project started in 1998 with the construction of a 'bandstand' play platform and the planting of a 'Winter Garden', including a Christmas Tree, and the installation of play equipment by parents and volunteers. A 'Seasonal Tree Island' with feature trees, representing Spring followed a year later, with further islands for Summer and Autumn to follow.

2001 saw the opening of the 'Human Sundial', a project that had been in the making for some time, involving pupils and teachers in workshops on the history of clocks and clock-making, designing the sundial itself, creating beautiful tiles to include in the sundial as hour markers and, finally, in laying out the sundial on the ground and constructing it. This part of the project was carried out together with Sundial Artist Tam Giles, who has also worked with Gardens by Design on other school playground projects.

The grand opening was celebrated at the school's summer fête and in honour of the new sundial the sun itself even made an appearance, to prove it worked!

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