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Gwyn Jones
2 Pendle Road      London SW16 6RU
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We offer a wide range of services for the garden at all levels: from consultation and design through construction and planting to aftercare and maintenance.

A garden maintenance service is available to fit your garden on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Our garden rescue package to a set price is also very popular.

We have a wide range of expertise from window boxes to wildlife gardens; from the smallest town garden to the largest estate; from your child's play house in the back garden to school playground improvements.

Whatever your gardening requirements, we are ready to meet them. Designs and specifications can be prepared for the complete project or we can easily deal with a scheme at any stage. 

We take pride in our ability to listen and then provide an imaginative solution whilst maintaining a very 'down to earth' approach.

Often the most simple solutions are the most effective. So, simply call us ...


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